In today's highly competive scientific arena, research grant proposals, nominations for prestigious prizes, promotion cases and articles for high-impact journal articles need to be written at an exceptionally high level and communicate scientific ideas and intentions in a manner that is clear, logical, to-the-point, convincing and easy to read. 

Presentation at interview for a large research grant also poses its own challenges. Applicants need to be fully at ease as well as prepared for answering all questions directed at them by a broad interview panel. Applicants must speak clearly and convincingly in a manner that both experts and non-experts can understand.

Also, with the mounting pressure to obtain competitive funding, universities and research institutes may need to seek novel ways as to how they can improve their internal processes for benchmarking current and future candidates for presigious grants, selection processes for offering professional writing support during the grant writing process, and forward/strategic planning.

At Whitehorne we have a passion for striving for excellence and offer quality, professional services in the areas of:
- Research grant proposals and applications
- Research grant interview preparation
- Native English critical review and editing of articles (for high-impact journals only)
- Reviewing of documents for promotion cases
- The writing of nominations for prestigious scientific prizes and awards
- Strategic support and advisory services to universities and research institutes in the areas of internal processes for research grant applicants (benchmarking and selection of candidates), strategic planning and preparation for external reviews.

We send no work out to other consultants or third parties for review. Therefore, you will always receive personalized, professional support from experienced Senior Consultants.